Burn items


To burn an ordinal on BSV, you send the ordinal to a Bitcoin Burn address. A Bitcoin burn address is an address generated without a private key, meaning it has the same security as trying to reverse engineer any other Bitcoin address. When an ordinal is sent to this address, it is unspendable and is considered burned.

You can create a vanity address here.

For example, Handcash would use an address like this: 1HandcashBurnerAddressxxxxxzoBdTM.

Send to an Address using the Connect SDK

To send to an address in the Handcash SDK, simply add the address as the destination. The code below shows how to transfer an item to a vanity address so the item is burned:

const { HandCashConnect } = require('@handcash/handcash-connect');
const handCashConnect = new HandCashConnect({ 
   appId: '<app-id>', 
   appSecret: '<secret>',

const account = handCashConnect.getAccountFromAuthToken(token);

const result = await account.items.transfer({
  destinationsWithOrigins: [
      destination: '1HandcashBurnerAddressxxxxxzoBdTM',
      origins: ['27c02c976adbf0acb212b850ce0c0b1b796de0a646c93304f94f2dc3249cad25_33']