Fetch a payment

Fetch a Payment

You may use the SDK to fetch information about payments, using the transactionId as reference.


For privacy reasons, your app is only allowed to fetch transactions that were triggered by your app.

const paymentResult = await account.wallet.getPayment("4c7b7cdc18702bb1a09c75a47bc2fa9630545761fbbd53b8c38735c73173e043")
// paymentResult
  transactionId: '4c7b7cdc18702bb1a09c75a47bc2fa9630545761fbbd53b8c38735c73173e043',
  note: 'Hold my beer!🍺',
  type: 'send',
  time: 1604958667,
  satoshiFees: 113,
  satoshiAmount: 10000,
  fiatExchangeRate: 160.74284545024352,
  fiatCurrencyCode: 'USD',
  participants: [
      type: 'user',
      alias: 'nosetwo',
      displayName: 'Nose two',
      profilePictureUrl: 'https://res.cloudinary.com/hk7jbd3jh/image/upload/v1574787300/gntqxv6ed7sacwpfwumj.jpg',
      responseNote: ''
  attachments: [ { value: [Object], format: 'json' } ],