Fetch a payment

Fetch a Payment

You may use the SDK to fetch information about a payment, using the transactionId as reference.


For privacy reasons, your app is only allowed to fetch transactions that were triggered by your app.

const paymentResult = await account.wallet.getPayment("4c7b7cdc18702bb1a09c75a47bc2fa9630545761fbbd53b8c38735c73173e043")
// paymentResult
  transactionId: '4c7b7cdc18702bb1a09c75a47bc2fa9630545761fbbd53b8c38735c73173e043',
  note: 'Hold my beer!🍺',
  type: 'send',
  time: 1604958667,
  satoshiFees: 113,
  satoshiAmount: 10000,
  fiatExchangeRate: 160.74284545024352,
  fiatCurrencyCode: 'USD',
  participants: [
      type: 'user',
      alias: 'nosetwo',
      displayName: 'Nose two',
      profilePictureUrl: 'https://res.cloudinary.com/hk7jbd3jh/image/upload/v1574787300/gntqxv6ed7sacwpfwumj.jpg',
      responseNote: ''
  attachments: [ { value: [Object], format: 'json' } ],

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