Getting started

Instant payments triggered from your UI


HandCash allows developers to embed payments anywhere into your game.

Make your first payment

First, users must connect their wallet to your app to grant permissions and provide you with an authToken.
This token allows you to access user profiles and make instant payments.

Follow the steps in this section to trigger your first payment using HandCash Connect.

Create your app in the dashboard

  1. Create a HandCash Developer account:
  2. Create a team.
  3. Create an app.
  4. Grab your appId and appSecret required by the SDK.
  5. Define your redirection URLs. Users will be redirected there when they authorize your app.
HandCash Dashboard preview

HandCash Dashboard preview

Install the SDK

Install the Connect SDK for Node:

npm i @handcash/handcash-connect

Import the module and initialize using the appId and appSecret:

const { HandCashConnect } = require('@handcash/handcash-connect');
const handCashConnect = new HandCashConnect({ 
   appId: '<app-id>', 
   appSecret: '<secret>',

Redirect the user to HandCash to authorize your app

Generate the authorization URL and redirect the user to HandCash from your app.

const redirectionLoginUrl =  handCashConnect.getRedirectionUrl();
App authorization preview in the HandCash App

App authorization preview in the HandCash App

After the user has granted permissions to your app, they will be redirected to the authentication success URL you have set in the developer dashboard.

Initialize the user account

const account = handCashConnect.getAccountFromAuthToken(<authToken>);

Get the user profile

const { publicProfile } = await account.profile.getCurrentProfile();

console.log(`Hey $${publicProfile.handle}, welcome to my app!`);

Make a payment

const payParameters = {
      payments: [{ destination: 'handcashteam', currencyCode: 'USD', sendAmount: 0.10 }]