Getting started

Add quick payments anywhere


HandCash Pay allows your products to accept payments without users having to connect their HandCash account to your app, unlike HandCash Connect.

You should consider using HandCash Pay when:

  • You need to accept casual payments in your app - As opposed to high-frequency payments.
  • You don't need HandCash as a login system, just need their payment capability.
  • You want to offer an alternative checkout flow to your existing payment methods.

Use cases

You can integrate HandCash Pay using a very simple API for accepting payments. At the same time, webhooks allow for very advanced and flexible use cases. Simplicity without compromises.

HandCash Pay is ideal to cover the following use cases:

  • Paywalls: users need to pay to unlock content from your app such as playing a game, purchasing items, or reading an article. Your server will be notified every time a payment is successfully completed.
  • Checkouts: accepts payments for your business.
  • Purchase single items: generate an individual and re-usable payment link for each of your app items.

First steps

  • Create a HandCash Developer account:
  • Create an app.
  • Grab your appSecret and appId and get ready to start triggering payments.