Manage your developer wallet

Your game's own programmatic wallet

In addition to managing user wallets to trigger payments, you can use your developer account to manage your own wallet.


Before this tutorial

Make sure you've already read 👉 getting-started


Get your organization's token authToken

First log into your developer dashboard:
Then navigate to 'Wallet'. Select the menu on the right hand side, and click "Developer Access"

Your authToken will be there. Grab it for the next step.

Trigger payments from your wallet

Paste the authTokenin your code and you are ready to trigger payments from your wallet:

const {HandCashConnect} = require('@handcash/handcash-connect');
const handCashConnect = new HandCashConnect({ 
   appId: '<app-id>', 
   appSecret: '<secret>',

const authToken = '<auth-token>';
const account = handCashConnect.getAccountFromAuthToken(authToken);
const paymentParameters = {
    description: "Paying to myself!",
    payments: [
        { destination: 'satoshi', currencyCode: 'USD', sendAmount: 0.10 },
const paymentResult = await;