Getting started


1Sat Ordinals is a popular protocol for creating NFTs on the BSV blockchain. It allows the representation of digital items that can be verified and traded in a P2P manner.

The HandCash Minter allows developers to create 1Sat Ordinals very quickly without having to deal with all the low-level protocol details at the same time they provide a fantastic user experience for their own users.

Use cases

By creating 1Sat Ordinals using the HandCash Minter developers can:

  • Create verified collections in the HandCash Market.
  • Provide a sophisticated experience for users out-of-the-box to mint collections.
  • Earn money from different sources: minting and fees from the market.

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First steps

  • Create a HandCash Developer account:
  • Create an app and copy your appId
  • Create a business wallet and copy the authToken